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About us

The National Centre of Culture and Further Education is a state contributory organization of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic which ensures function of nationwide professional and methodological workplace for activity of cultural and further education character. It supports development of cultural, educational and artistic activities in local and regional conditions.

What we do:
– we support development of local and regional culture,
– we support activities of ensembles and individuals from the field of creative leisure activities and non-professional artistic creation,
– we provide methodological advice,
– we educate professionals for cultural and educational activities in local conditions in the field of professional, civic and recreational education and social prevention,
– we organize nationwide advancement competitions and workshops, courses and training, methodological seminars, performances, concerts and other activities,
– we carry out research and statistics of culture in Slovakia,
– we monitor citizens' attitude towards culture via statistical and sociological methods, we focus on visit rate, genre preferences, consumption of culture and we find out how much culture is paid attention to in common households, we study culture financing,
– we publish professional journals: Javisko, Národná osveta, Sociálna prevencia,
– we administrate a platform to present cultural heritage in digital form,
– we provide consultancy in the field of copyright protection in digitalization of cultural heritage.

Nationwide advancement competitions and demonstration non-profesional art
of artistic leisure activities in genres of non-professional art - scenic folklorism, theatre, artistic recitation, fine art, photography, film and video, music:
Šaffova ostroha – folklore dance soloists
Pod Likavským hradom – children folklore ensembles
Tancuj, tancuj– choreographies of folklore ensembles
Nositelia tradícií – authentic folklore groups
Vidiečanova Habovka– musical folklore
Belopotockého Mikuláš – amateur adult theatre
Divadlo a deti – adults theatre performing for children
FEDIM – amateur theatre of young people
Zlatá priadka– children's dramatic creativity
Hviezdoslavov Kubín – artistic recitation of poetry and prose, formation of recitation ensembles and children, youth and adults poetry theatres
Výtvarné spektrum – fine art
AMFO – photography
CINEAMA – film production
Divertimento musicale – instrumental music
Viva il canto – adult choirs
Mládež spieva – children and youth choirs
Strunobranie – music bands and soloists
Lednické Rovne – small brass bands
Large and medium brass bands
Children and teenagers brass bands
Slovenská kronika– chronicles and monographs of the towns and villages in Slovakia

Folklore festival Východná
- is the oldest and largest nationwide festival with international participation in Slovakia and also the top of the presentation of manifestations of traditional folk culture and its elements in the process of folklorism. A lot of folklore ensembles, children folklore ensembles, folklore music bands, bands of singers, soloists, musicians and dancers including the winners of the nationwide advancement competitions and shows organized by the National Cultural Centre are presented in dozens of artistic author programs every year. A great number of side events and regular participation of folklore art creators and craftsmen represent significant part of the festival. The festival takes place annually on the first weekend of July in a picturesque area near the High and Low Tatras, in a peculiar village Východná with rich folk customs.

Scénická žatva (Theatre Harvest)
- the oldest and biggest amateur theatre festival in Europe and show of non-professional acting ensembles with international participation at the same time is a unique phenomenon in our theatrical culture especially thanks to the wide range of performing ensembles. Dramatic companies, theatres in which adults perform for children, ensembles of children's dramatic creativity, poetry theatres, dance theatres or reciters are presented in the event. The show is the result of work of approximately hundred of theatre companies and individuals who take part in advancement regional, district and nationwide shows. It serves as space for education in the field of non-professional theatre which is professionally supported by theatrologists, dramaturges, directors, scenographers and theatre critics. The event has been held in Martin since its beginning.

– portal Slovakiana which is aimed at providing access to the cultural heritage of Slovakia in digital form was created as a part of project Central application infrastructure and registry. This complex application infrastructure ensures protection and presentation of the cultural heritage and provides several online services for public as well as storage and fund institutions. Slovakiana makes not only pieces of fine arts or music but also museums and text objects which form part of the cultural heritage of Slovakia available for general public. Virtual excursion to Slovak monuments and popular educational videos are included in it too.

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